Not really. There are only three types of markets: Seller’s Market – More Buyers than Properties, Prices Rising, Homes Selling Relatively Quickly. Multiple buyers showing interest on individual homes. Even Market – Steady as she goes. Enough buyers for the amount of homes on the market. Prices stable. Buyers still believe they have time and choice on their side. Homes take a little longer to sell. Usually a transitional period from cold (buyers) to hot (sellers) market. Buyer’s Market – Less buyers than there are homes for sale. Buyers take their time. May come in and out of the market resulting in low demand. Uncertainty due to negative media and economic factors. Prices falling. Homes taking much longer to sell. Regardless of which market you might be selling your home in, the market (buyers) ultimately determine the price of your home. Always prepare, price and promote your home well and the buyers will come.