Buyers search via one of Man’s most revolutionary advancements since the car, TV and flight……The Internet.

First and foremost you need to know that around 90-95% of all property buyer search activity is carried out online. In Australia, the vast majority of buyers, searching online, head to This incredibly successful and much searched property listing site hosts some 5 million+ unique buyer visits every month.

It is extremely likely that or IS where potential buyers are going to find your home or property, that is why you are listed there as an House Sell member.

Signage plays a part to help identify to your home to buyers driving around an area looking for signs or confirming that your property is indeed the one they have identified on the Internet as being of interest.

Print media is shrinking in its buyer pulling power and spread. Buyers have flocked and are still flocking to search for property online. You may choose to place a small ad in the property section of your local newspaper, especially if you decide to invite buyers to attend an ‘open for inspection’ at your property.

All your marketing/advertising bases are covered with House Sell.